Help Us Save This Exceptional Mill!

How Can I Help

Saving the mill will cost a lot of money. Just to get the mill stabilized and to create a museum will cost more than $2,500,000. Construction costs will be revealed as bids are received. The amount of time it will take to raise the money may affect the amount of money ultimately required to complete the restoration, as the mill continues to deteriorate and construction costs will likely increase. Donations for construction funds will be accumulated and held in escrow until sufficient funds for the targeted restoration project have been received. At that time construction will begin and donated funds will be released as required to complete the job. If sufficient funds to complete the targeted project are not received by December 31, 2016, donated funds will be (i) returned to donors; or (ii) the deadline will be extended and donors will have the option of renewing their donation at that time.

Donations from individuals and organizations are tax deductible, as Drinkwater &Schriver Mill Inc. (the “Company”) has been approved by the Internal Revenue Service as a 501c.3 entity. Make a donation.

There will be a role for volunteers in the effort to raise the funds required to for the mill’s restoration. Work in and around the mill is generally too dangerous for volunteers; however, assistance with fundraising is an appropriate place for volunteers to participate.  The Company will solicit donations from foundations and organizations inclined to support projects such as this. Assistance with those efforts would be welcome from those volunteers who believe that they may be able to help. There may be fundraisers at the mill from time to time and volunteers will be needed to help with those events. Contact Us to let us know of your interest in volunteering to help us save the mill.