Help Us Save This Exceptional Mill!

Welcome to the website for the Drinkwater & Schriver Mill in Cedar Point, Kansas.

The mill, which is also called the Cedar Point Mill, is owned by Drinkwater & Schriver Mill Inc., a Kansas non-profit corporation dedicated to saving the mill and maintaining it as an historic site, celebrating this exceptional 1875 Chase County, Kansas grist mill.

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Donations from individuals and organizations are tax deductible, as Drinkwater & Schriver Mill Inc. (the “Company”) has been approved by the Internal Revenue Service as a 501c.3 entity.

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  • Restoration Plan

    Many visitors to the Cedar Point Mill over the last twenty or thirty years have walked away, feeling that it could not be saved. Our restoration team believes otherwise... read more
  • How Can I Help

    Saving the mill will cost a lot of money. Just to get the mill stabilized and to create a museum will cost more than $500,000. Construction costs will be revealed as bids are received... read more
  • Come Visit

    Visitors to Cedar Point are always welcome. The mill is the first thing you will see as you cross the bridge over the Cottonwood River, coming into Cedar Point. It is located just .75 miles south of US 50 Highway... read more